Health Benefits of Wet Cupping

The health benefits of wet cupping (also known as hijama or bloodletting) aren’t commonly known even though it is an ancient medical technique used for hundreds of ailments and medical issues.

In recent years, more and more attention has been drawn towards cupping as athletes have been found getting it done.

So the question is, what are the benefits of cupping, and does it really work?

I’ve had cupping done, and I can vouch that it has amazing benefits which I’ll talk about in this post. So continue reading to find out more about cupping and its benefits.

Types of Cupping: Wet Cupping vs Dry Cupping

There are two techniques used for cupping, wet and dry.

What is Dry Cupping

Dry Cupping is a technique that uses suction to trigger blood flow to specific points of your body. This helps in relaxing the muscles and improving the blood flow to those particular points.

What is Wet Cupping

Wet cupping (also known and bloodletting or hijama) is a three-step process and hence it is much more effective at filtering out impurities as compared to dry cupping.

The first step is cleaning of the area where the cup will be applied.

After cleaning, the dry cup is applied with a vacuum. This brings the toxins and impurities up to the level of the skin.

Step 3 involves taking making minor superficial cuts on the skin surface and then applying the vacuum cups again. This pulls out the thick, impure blood into the cup.

The whole process takes around 25 to 30 minutes at max.

Benefits of Cupping

Wet cupping is beneficial for a lot of medical problems but not a lot of people know about it. But things are changing now as more and more people are exploring natural cures and natural healing.

And I can assure you, once you read about the benefits of wet cupping you will want to get it done too. So let’s get into it.

Wet cupping may be good for your skin

  1.  makes the skin cleaner and brighter
  2. reduces acne, redness, and inflammation on the face
  3. improves skin appearance reducing wrinkles and scars

May help you with weight loss

  1. improves blood circulation and metabolism
  2. balances hormone levels
  3. controls cholesterol levels

Hijama may improve fertility

  1. improves blood circulation
  2. recovers and stabilizes hormone function in both males and females
  3. boosts blood flow to the reproductive organs

Wet cupping may help reduce Iron Overload

  1. removes toxins from the body
  2. reduces ferritin levels and other inflammatory markers
  3. improves recovery of liver, heart, and other organs
  4. reduces iron stores from the body
  5. effective in reducing joint pains and improving mobility

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Wet cupping benefits for fibromyalgia

  1. decreases pain intensity scores
  2. improved circulation and blood flow resulting in feeling better
  3. reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms

Additional benefits

  • improves immunity and the body’s ability to fight infections
  • can improve skin healing and reduce stretch marks and scars
  • may help treat asthma
  • can improve lung function

Side effects and dangers

Wet cupping is generally considered safe for most people. However, it is always better to discuss it with your doctor before going for it.

You have to be extra careful if you have clotting disorders.

I would recommend going to an experienced therapist who would discuss your medical conditions with you carefully before proceeding with the therapy.

Side effects and after effects

Wet cupping has no side effects or ill effects on health.

But you will see spots on the points where the cups were placed. These spots generally disappear in a week if they are light but can take up to a month if they are dark.

Other than this, I must reemphasize that you need to go to an experienced and professional therapist who uses clean and sterilized equipment. There are chances of infection if hygiene protocols are not followed.

FAQs: Cupping Therapy

Which cupping therapy points are the best?

Cupping therapy points are based on the problem you are facing. The therapist or practitioner will choose the points based on the reason you are getting cupping done to target the organ or part of the body where the problem is.

Is wet cupping safe?

Wet cupping is absolutely safe but should only be done by a professional.

Does cupping hurt?

No, wet cupping and dry cupping do not hurt. You will feel pressure when the cups are applied and you will feel like somebody is writing on you when the cuts are made. But it does not hurt. Trust me.

Can you shower after cupping?

After a dry cupping session, you should wait at least 6 hours before showering. After a wet cupping session, you should wait at least 12 hours or even 24 hours if you have slow healing or are diabetic.

Is wet cupping good for weight loss?

Yes, wet cupping is great for weight loss as it improves cholesterol, metabolism, and hormone levels helping you get rid of stored fat while improving energy levels at the same time.

Is cupping good for acne?

Yes, studies have shown wet cupping is highly effective at reducing inflammation and acne.

How often should I do cupping?

For dry cupping, you can do it once every 2 weeks. For wet cupping, you can have it done once a month. However, the frequency and duration will depend on what you are being treated for. Don’t overdo it.

Does wet cupping reduce ferritin levels?

Yes, wet cupping does reduce ferritin levels. I’ve tried it myself and it works. But do keep a check on your hemoglobin levels and other blood work as well.

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I remember the first time I had wet cupping done, it was for back pain. And it worked. The back pain went away after the cupping session and hasn’t come back.

After that, I started reading more about cupping and found out how it can help remove toxins from the blood and reduce iron stores as well. This was really appealing for me as I have iron overload.

I have had 2 cupping sessions done after that and have seen an improvement in ferritin levels as well as liver function. I also feel lighter and more energetic after my sessions.

So I would definitely recommend you to give cupping a try and see its benefits for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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